#TheLunch Break: Birthday Edition

Writer’s block has been kicking my ass lately. People say, to get over that hump we must get inspired. And I guess that’s easier said than done because I’ve definitely been reading, watching, and listening, but my muse just hasn’t been there to inspire me.

Not only that, but so many good things have been happening that I really don’t know how to put them into words. Simply put, I’m blessed.

Today, I turned 26 years old and I gotta say the reflection over the past week has been insane. For starters, I wonder how my parents feel having a 26 year old, but not only that, how do they feel getting closer to 50? Ha!

Geeshian asked me as soon as I woke up this morning, “well, how does it feel?” As if we go to bed and travel through another dimension to our new age. “I feel the same, duh.”

When I was younger, I always said, by 26 I’d be married with 2 kids already. ? I got the first part down, but the babies have been put on hold for now. Oh, and my husbands name was Brian or Brandon or some shit with a “B”. ? And I’m not in a rush to have children no matter what Geeshian says. Babies are a blessing, but so is financial stability and homeownership.

Time is moving fast, and I think it’s happening on purpose. To force us to slow down and enjoy every moment that we have here. Life is short.

I am thankful to the most high for all that has happened and will happen in my life because I know everything works together for the good. This next trip around the sun will be one for the books. I told y’all last year that 25 was gonna be lit . . And it was!

Happy Birthday to me.


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  1. You’re inspiration will come in due time. I’m proud of everything you accomplished thus far. You’re an amazing writer, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I wish you the happiest of birthdays. Love you LS

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