Blog Hosting, Self-Identity + Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Fat Tuesday Munchies! It’s officially Mardi Gras here in Louisiana and I’ve gotta say, the festivities have been amazing. G and I are spending time here in New Orleans, again, with his family enjoying my very first Mardi Gras Celebration.

Last night, walking to my first parade, I found $20. #winning

We also visited the Art District in the French Quarter, ate Dat Dog, and more. I’ll go into detail about our trip soon.

I’ve been struggling y’all. I have been struggling with the identity of this blog and with my own personal identity lately. I swear I go through phases where one day I am in looove with myself, not in a vain way, but in a confident and self-assured way. Other days, I am struggling with who I am, what purpose do I serve, and how do I affect those around me?

As I write this post, I’m looking for another template for the site. Another identity. Something that I am happy with. A template that says “this is Jasmine’s blog, this is her.” The problem with that is, I want my online personality, to reflect my offline personality, and I just don’t know how to project that yet.

The Munchies Digest started as a food blog. It started that way because G and I wanted to do something together, combine the two things we love: cooking and photography. That has slowly but surely transformed into life, travel, and health tips. These are the things we are experiencing on a daily basis and so we share them here with you all.

Last week I decided that I wanted to move the website from Go Daddy to Blue Host. That did not work out well at all. Blue Host is offering an unbeatable deal right now for first-time customers. $2.65 per month for 3 years. That’s less than $100 for hosting. The problem with that was, the deal does not support Managed WordPress Sites, and that is what I have now. I did the proper research before having my domain switched over, or so I thought, because the blog was down for almost 48 hours.

It was never explained to me by Blue Host reps that I would have to pay an additional $150 for them to migrate my website to their servers. I wanted to and thought I could do it myself because I did not budget that extra $150. Yeah, right. Long story short, 8 hours and 10 phone calls later, I ended up coming back to Go Daddy. Their customer service is better, and as a result, I paid $75 less for 3 years, compared to the price I was quoted for a 1 year renewal. They also helped me get the website back online and I got another domain for free for 3 years. #Winning

This blog for me has become just a small extension of who I am in real life and although I haven’t completely given myself to this space yet, I feel it coming. It is hard wanting to share your life with strangers, even if it is only the good parts. People will judge you regardless of what you put out there. I just have to convince myself that  I am not doing this for anyone but myself. I am learning that life gives you what you put out and the universe will answer your prayers. But you have to work just as hard for your prayers.

My wants for this blog are to inspire y’all to live a happier and healither life through trial and error. I also want to be as honest as I can without compromising my privacy. I want y’all to come along with me on this journey. Let’s do this thing together. What better way to do that than with a blog?

So here’s to The Munchies Digest, a blog with personality issues.

I attempted to make some eggless chocolate chip cookies on Saturday. Because we don’t buy eggs anymore, and then I realized we didn’t have any brown sugar either. So, my Chocolate Chip Cookies ended up being egg and brown sugarless (peep the color?) I went ahead and made them anyway because I already started the process. They came out ah-right. G said that the cookies reminded him of a sugar cookie with a cake-like texture. HA!

I’ll try again some other time or perhaps leave the cookie making to Pillsbury. 😉

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  1. I am so proud of you ! Post more food & yoga-ish stuff ??! Great blog site ! I think it reflects you very well . Love you sis

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