Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Guide

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If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering why in the hell do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Didn’t we just celebrate 4 gift-giving holidays in December? However, if you’re on the other side of the spectrum, and really love the idea of showering your sweetie with gifts, I’ve put together a small gift guide to help you on your last minute hunt. All of these ideas are hella affordable and won’t break your tax refund check.

The Techie

Technology is all around us, and in my opinion, one of the easiest gifts to find. If you really know your sweetie, you could walk right in and out of Best Buy, but if your sweetie is a little picky, like mine, headphones or Bluetooth speakers are always a great route to take. Wireless headphones are very popular right now, and honestly, I don’t see them fading out anytime soon. The best quality headphones for the price are the Bose Wireless and Beats by Dre Powerbeats 3. You can find both of these brands at Walmart, Target and Best Best. The Bose Wireless headphones are $149 across the board, but for an extra $10 on Amazon, you can bundle them with a car charger and carrying case. The Sono Bluetooth speaker is great to use throughout the home. They pair with your phone via WIFI and the music apps you already have on your phone, except Apple Music. All you have to do is download the Sonos app and voila! Best part, if you get a call or text message it doesn’t interrupt the music playing.

The Fashion Killa

I’ve always said that style is subjective. What you like ain’t the same as what I like. What I think is dope my husband is like “Nah.” So if you can resist, don’t go out and buy an outfit for your sweetie. Take advantage of the GIFT CARD method. Every clothing brand offers gift cards or certificates from $10-$500 or more. People have told me that gift cards aren’t personal or thoughtful but have you ever tried to buy clothes for someone? Or maybe someone bought you a sweater or pair of shoes you just didn’t like? The fear that they’ll hate it, it won’t fit, or whatever is a real form of anxiety. So, to save yourself a headache and have a little peace of mind, get the gift card put $100 on it and they can get whatever they want. Simplify your life.

The Music Lover

Let’s take this back old school. Mixtapes were the thing to do for the person you liked. You’d put all the songs that reminded you of that person and slip it through their locker or have your homie pass it to them in the hall. Nowadays, if you have Tidal, Spotify, or Apple Music, you can make them a public playlist that they’ll love but can also share and brag with their friends.

You could also pay their subscription fees for 3 months or buy them concert tickets. I know I said the gifts won’t break your tax refund, but good concerts aren’t always expensive. Check in your city for free or low-cost tickets.

The Fitness Fanatic

This category is Geeshian 100 percent. This man is obsessed with running and working out. That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with buying him gifts, but I do have a head start on where to begin. I, personally, love the Addidas (Ah-dee-daus) brand. Both the women’s and men’s lines are hella dope! Geeshian loves Nike and that’s it. So really when shopping for sportswear it depends on your sweetie’s preference. I think the following items, regardless of brand, will make great gifts.

  • A Gym Membership
  • Dri-fit Tanks/Shirts
  • Running/Basketball Shorts
  • Personalized Gym Bags

The Foodie

Keeping it simple, if buying gifts aren’t your thing, what about a nice dinner? Who doesn’t like to eat? Valentine’s Day means dinner specials for two. And you don’t have to be in a legitimate relationship to benefit. Take your bestie to dinner and catch up, take your parent out, or hell take yourself to dinner and use the second meal for lunch the next day.

I don’t have a favorite restaurant to suggest and I feel like the regular smegular restaurants are played out. By regular semgular, I mean, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, or Chilli’s. There’s nothing wrong with these restaurants, but how many times have you gone to Red Lobster? So be creative and have dinner at someplace you’ve never been. If you have to make a reservation do it like now, and if you can’t get in, make dinner at home and make it special. Romantic music, candles, champagne, and massage oils.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, you can find some of those dinner specials here. Open Table is a really cool website to use to make restaurant reservations. You’re able to choose the type of food, location, and time you’d like to have dinner. Geeshian used this website to make our anniversary dinner plans.

Peace + Love y’all.

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