Lemon Pepper and Thyme Salmon

IngredientsThe Weeknd (Musician) is playing in the background and the weekend(wonderful place between work days) is almost out the door, it’s bright and Sunny outside, a stark contrast to the gloomy weather we had for the past few days. J and I are in the mood for a fitting spring dish something light,bright,colorful and full of fresh flavor,maybe Salmon or Mahi. Fresh salmon fillets are readily available to us so we decided to put a spin on the Classic Lemon pepper salmon, by using fresh baby bell sweet peppers,some spring onions (chives),thyme,mustard and of-course lots of freshly squeezed Lemon juice.

I am a lover of sauces,and reductions, J not so much, but i am the one cooking so a light tomato based herb sauce will be paired with it. Through our travels J and I fell in love with a similar tomato herb sauce, prepared on the islands of the Caribbean, while every island has an alteration of this sauce the base has always been tomatoes,thyme, spring onions and fresh small leaved thyme. This tomato herb sauce adds some sweetness from the Roma tomatoes, while the peppers and thyme help compliment the flavors incorporated into the Salmon Fillets.

ScalingSlicing FishPeppersMeat MixtureTomatoesFish & Sauce In PanPanned FishPan Covered


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