Creamy Alfredo and Mushroom Scalloped Potatoes

The Red Capes are coming! The Red Capes are coming! – Lex

Ven. Ingredients

It’s Thursday, March 24th and you know what that means right? The advanced screening of Superman v. Batman is playing tonight. And because G has been desperately waiting for this movie we’re going to go see it. He sent a text to me early in the day to remind me that it was playing at our local cinema twice, one at 7pm and the other at 10pm. We decided to go to the later show to ensure that we’d get there on time (I’m the one who makes us late to the movies every time)  and we wanted to eat before the show, because, I mean, who really buys the movie snacks anyways?

*points at self for buying the medium popcorn combo with a packet of sour patch kids* ($11.25 for popcorn, soda and candy) *rolls eyes emoji*

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Anyway, G is a lover of all things saucy, me, not so much, I love ketchup…. on almost anything. But, G is in love with sauces and rightfully so. If I could make the sauces he makes I’d love sauce too. He usually makes his sauce from scratch and I mean literally goes into the kitchen, throws some random ingredients in a pan and ends up making something amazing, almost consistently. He’s definitely the brain behind the munchies you’ll find here.

He wanted to make something light and flavorful and that’s exactly what he did with this dish. Incorporating one of my favorite alfredo sauces, (#2 behind his homemade alfredo), the Bertolli Alfredo with Aged Parmesan. In my opinion, it is the best compared to the other store brands on the market right now. It has just enough flavor to stand on its own but it isn’t overpowering when you wanna revamp it and make it your own.

Finshed BakingI didn’t help too much in preparation with this dish, I let Chef G do his thing and I just captured him in all his glory.



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