New Years in New Orleans

Laissez les bon temps roulez !

Happy New Year Munchies! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and a fun New Years Eve! G and I had the pleasure of spending our new years weekend in the great city of New Orleans! We enjoyed some great food and spent quality time with his family.

Ending the year in New Orleans was inspirational. For me personally, it set the tone for what was to come in 2017. Endless possibilities. I’ve been to NOLA on numerous occasions, but this trip felt different than the others. I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than, magnetic. I feel as though New Orleans (or someplace similar) is where I should be, and I plan to turn that feeling into reality.

Anyhow, we packed up the car and drove about 5 hours south. Ran into a little traffic on the way, but that didn’t stop the excitement that ensued. Driving into the city on Interstate 10, coming over the causeway, and looking to the left to see the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the downtown skyline is invigorating.

Bourbon Street was calling my name and I haaad to get my hands on the infamous Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle.

 Because who goes to New Orleans without getting a Hand Grenade?

Me. That’s who.

*rolls eyes*

I told G, on the way down, that all I wanted was a hand grenade and then we could do whatever he wanted after that. The hand grenade never happened though and that’s ok. My fault, because when I had the opportunity, we opted to get beers from a bar that was advertising a 2 for 1 special.

The “special” turned out to be more expensive than a six-pack. Go figure.

The city is, and has always been beautiful, and although it rained the entire time we were there, the weather did not stop anyone from having a good time. After we had our brewski’s, we stopped by Pizza Works to grab a bite to eat. G grabbed a slice of green tomatoes and pesto. Have I mentioned that he’s a pescatarian? I’m not a fan of pesto, and I wasn’t too hungry, so, I just tasted his and we kept exploring.

We stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites Maison on St. Charles Avenue. The hotel was beautiful and resembled an apartment complex. It was difficult to spot from the street while listening to the GPS which led us to circle the hotel five times before realizing what it was.

The only hang-up I had about the room was the shower and the fact that we paid $25 per night for parking. The shower was large, but it was only a shower, and the water pressure was very low. We enjoyed the free continental breakfast of course. They offered things like waffles, fruit, yogurt, and cereal options.

The best part of our trip was the food, of course, it’s NOLA.

The restaurant that stood out the most to us was a small pizzeria less than two minutes from the hotel, Slice. Slice on the outside looks very small and unappealing, but on the inside gives off a “college town pub.” This place would fit perfectly in any place filled with college-aged kids. The decor is hand painted abstract art with various handwritten chalk features. The workers in the kitchen were blasting the “oldies but goodies” and our server was very nice and full of life.

Friday night, our first night in town, G ordered a Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese pizza on thin crust for me. It. Was. Delicious. Saturday night, we ate there . . again . .we both got the  Penne Pasta with Broccoli and Salmon. Delicious.

If you ever find yourself in the New Orleans area I would suggest visiting Slice. They have two locations within the city Magazine Street and St. Charles Avenue. Lets us know if you try them and tell them that The Munchies Digest sent you. 🙂

How were your holiday celebrations? Did you travel? What new things did you try? Leave us a comment below and be sure to follow us on Instagram. You can also register for our mailing list.

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  1. Bestfriend For Over 11 Years, I Love It ?? Can’t wait to read more soon! We definitely have to make it a point to let 2017 be the year of LOVE & HAPPINESS! I am claiming it && very very content where both of us are in life at this point. Hopefully we can plan a weekend trip together this year ??? Love you!!!

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