Yemaya’s Birth Story | 15-Minute Natural Unmedicated Birth | Part II

This is the final post of my birth story. Thank you for reading.

July 25, 2020

I woke up, after just going to bed at 4 am, around 6 am to go to the bathroom, check on Geeshian, and make sure the alarm was set. I went back to bed and woke up again around 6:45 am due to sharp stomach pain. I thought this was baby’s way of telling me to roll over and so I did. At 7:15 am, I woke up again to go to the bathroom and that’s when I noticed blood in the toilet. I stood there shaking because I knew exactly what this meant. The bloody show. I go into the living room where Geeshian is sleeping and let him know what happened and that I was going to call the labor line for advice.

Since Sprint and T-Mobile merged, its nearly impossible to have a phone conversation inside our apartment. I had to go stand in the middle of the parking lot to connect with someone on the phone. While on the phone with labor and delivery, I’d had two or three sharp pains, which I later found out were contractions, and they told me to come in based on the doctor’s notes from Monday. At this time, the pain was bearable, I was walking normally, talking to everyone, and attempting to wash my dishes before heading to the hospital. I told Geeshian that they wanted us to come in, but take our time since this is our first birth. So we did just that. He got up and got ready. I was still cleaning the kitchen, feeding the cat, and taking a shower myself.

Once I got into the shower, the contractions picked up and they started to take my breath away. At this point, I was telling Geeshian that maybe we should pick up the pace and start moving our bags to the car. It is about 8:30 am at this point. I grab my water bottle and an apple and we head out the door. It is now 8:45 am. We decided to start recording a video to document the occasion, but the contractions are getting stronger and stronger. My mom is calling since I text her and let her know we were on the way to the hospital. I can barely talk now at this point with how strong the contractions are getting.

We arrive at the hospital around 9:15 am. We bypassed the emergency room, which in hindsight, would have been the best choice of action considering what happened next. Instead, we followed the instructions provided by the hospital, finding a parking space at the correct level, and getting ALL of our bags and things from the car. Again, in hindsight I would have left everything in the car, but based on the covid protocols, we didn’t want to risk Geeshian not being allowed back into the building. Due to the very strong contractions, we walked slowing to the labor ward, with everything we thought we needed for our stay. We were lucky to get assistance from another couple who were in the hallway with us.

The nurse brings me a wheelchair and takes me to the sign-in desk. You guys, at this point, I am telling everyone “I need to go to the restroom.” Everything I read said once you feel like you have to poop it’s time to push. Now, I know these women were just doing their jobs, but considering how these contractions were now coming every 20 seconds or so the asking for insurance and ID seemed a little out of place. They then asked Geeshian to WAIT IN THE LOBBY while I get checked in. I have to assume covid was the reason, but at this point, I am in TEARS literally balling telling the nurses I need to push. I can only assume they thought I was being dramatic since this was my first birth. It’s now about 9:30 according to our check-in paperwork.

What happens next happened SO fast that most of it is a blur, but here’s a rundown of the next five to ten minutes .

A nurse instructs me to change into a gown, pee in a cup, and wait for a nurse to come to check me. I initially did not hear anything she said because I was in the middle of a contraction, but I tried my best to do as she said. As I was changing, I called the nurse to help me put on the gown which looked like a big piece of cloth. I also told her that I need to push right now! She told me that I couldn’t start pushing until they verify that I was actually dilated. She then took me by my arm and guided me by my arm to the bed and called for another nurse because “she’s bearing down and needs to be checked.”

Another nurse comes in to do the vaginal exam, all while I am in tears from the contractions and following my body’s cues to push. She tells the head nurse that she can’t do a vaginal exam because the baby’s head is right there. Several nurses rush in and they all start running me down the hallway to the delivery room.


As we are moving through the hallway, I say “Oh, that felt good!” The nurse looks puzzled and says “what happened?!” She looks under the sheet and says loudly, “her water just broke!” Another nurse then starts asking, “who’s here with you?!” I tell her my husband has been in the lobby this entire time. She runs in the opposite direction to go and get Geeshian. We make it to the delivery room, two nurses lift me from the wet bed to the delivery bed, grab my leg, instructs me to grab the other, and PUSH!

I pushed twice before looking up and seeing Geeshian standing in the doorway with his eyes wide. The last time he saw me was in a wheelchair being pushed into the check-in area and now I am on the delivery table pushing. I begin using again and I can hear Geeshian telling me how I am doing such a great job and that he can see her hair. The doctor then says that she needs to snip me before I could even process what she was saying, *snip snip*.

I push two more times, screamed out two obscenities, and Yemaya Sade was born at 9:51 am. She was 6 lbs 2 oz of pure perfection. Geeshian was able to capture her being passed off to me and he was allowed to cut the cord. Once the baby was out and safe, the doctor had to ask me all of the Covid questions, and she explained why she had to give me an episiotomy. Yemaya’s heart rate was dropping and every time I pushed her head would start to come out and go back in.

I had what is known as a precipitous birth experience. Even our doctor was shocked at how fast everything happened. I asked her if that type of birth is common amongst first-time moms. She said that it happens, but it’s not something that happens often.

I am so thankful and humbled by my birth experience. Yemaya has brought so much love and light into our lives and we are excited to share her with you all. If you made it this far you’re a real one. Stay tuned for more baby related content.

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