A Tipsy Thanksgiving: Wine Reviews

It’s that time of year again, holiday seeeeaaassonnn, and I must admit, Thanksgiving this year was pretty satisfying. My roommate’s mother and nephew came up from Florida on Wednesday to spend the weekend with us. We waited until the very last minute to do our grocery shopping, and when I say last minute, I literally mean Wednesday night at 6:30p. Went to Kroger and the Delkalb Farmer’s Market and there was no elbow noodles, sweet potatoes, or collard greens. So yeah. We only waited so late because we wanted our guests to participate in the dinner menu decision making and honestly, she didn’t care what we had, as long as there was a honey baked ham. Geeshian and I don’t eat pork, but the universe came together and dropped a free 9lbs ham in my lap early Wednesday afternoon.

I work for an insurance company and one of our partners was nice enough to bring us an early Thanksgiving lunch by the office, but no one in the office eats pork. My coworkers were gracious enough to let me take it home for our visitors and that literally saved us about $75 bucks. A SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLAR HAM, FOR FREE. I’ve been using the MARTA which is our public transportation system here in Atlanta and everyone was staring at me carry this ham on the bus and the train. That sucka was heavy and I had to guard it with my life because my coworkers convinced me that someone was going to snatch the ham and ruin Thanksgiving. So now, my right arm is disproportionately larger than my left.

However, we got all that we needed to commemorate the holiday, we’re “woke” and know the history behind it, but we had guests so we acted accordingly. The best part though was the copious amount of wine the husbands brought home and, I must admit today is Sunday, and we have two bottles left. Hence the title, Tipsy Thanksgiving. There was Sutter HomeYellow TailTaylor Port, and some newbies for us to try like Laya, a red wine from Spain. I made everyone write a small review once they tried the next opened bottle. Here is what they said for each one.

Yellow Tail (2014), Australia – Big Bold Red & Shiraz

The Big Bold Red was dry and felt as though there was some sort of coating left on the tongue. Now, that could have been because of the other wines that came before with minimal clearing of the palate. The Shiraz came with a similar sentiment, very dry & not very flavorful. The men, however, enjoyed these two wines and the Shiraz still remains.

Laya (2016), Santa Rosa, CA – $6.99

I enjoyed this wine particularly because it was very light, strong in flavor, and dry to the tongue. I believe this would go perfectly with a steak or lamb type of dish. MaryAnn, Clifton, and Chantal thought it was too dry and not sweet enough. Geeshian also thought that it wasn’t fruity, but it was light bodied.

Borsao (2015), Bovia, Spain

I thought this red wine was dry with hints of plum. It reminded me of the Shiraz but on the medium side. Geeshian thought it was very skrong, but nice and crisp. Chantal did not enjoy this and said that it was “way too dry.”

Sutter home Moscato – Napa, CA

I believe everyone’s first taste of wine started with some sort of Moscato. It can be very sweet, fruity, and refreshing. Sutter home’s Moscato is one of my go-to sweet wines, after Beringer’s White Zinfindel & Moscato mix. Yes, it really exists. The labeling is a dark pink/purple-ish. However, this particular brand was a hit with everyone, except the men because they are self-proclaimed “red wine” men. *rolls eyes*

Chantal said “delicious, sweet, just how I like it. Fruity and refreshing, but has a mild bite to it. A little tart. Perfection in a glass.” I simply said that this wine was delicious with peach notes and was light on the tongue. Tried to keep it professional.

Woodbridge Riesling

Geeshian and I sadly had most of this wine to ourselves after a fun night of bowling, so, unfortunately, the only opinion you’ll have of this is mine. If you like Moscato you’re going to love Riesling. It’s another sweet wine, and in my opinion, a little on the semi-dry side of the spectrum. I love this wine with fish and honestly, with anything because it’s that damn good. 🙂

. . . .

All in all, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We were unable to watch Grambling put the smack down on Southern at the 44th Annual Bayou Classic game, but can you say SWAC Champions three years in a row? #ProudAlumnae

Let me know in the comments below how you and your family celebrated the holidays and what you have planned for Hannukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

Peace & Love


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