Atlanta Snowpocalypse 2017

It snowed this past weekend in Atlanta and everyone lost their shit. To be fair, southerners aren’t equipped with the proper procedures for dealing with a (un)expected snow storm. Marley had an appointment on Friday and snow started falling around 7 AM in Marietta. The snowflakes were very large and weren’t sticking in the beginning, but around 9 AM the snow began to accumulate. Companies began sending their employees home around 10:30, but conditions hadn’t reached its peak. I left work at 11:50 to pick up Marley from the vet by 12:30. What was a 30-minute drive turned into an hour as traffic began to pick up.

You guys. . . traffic was rush hour thick at 1:30 pm. I mean everyone was panicking it seemed to me, people had left work, picked up their children from school, and by 4 no one was on the road. Those who didn’t take heed to the warnings of our surroundings got stuck in the storm while leaving their cars on the side of the road. . . like my homegirl (sorry C.)

All in all, the worst part of the weekend was when it was over. Geesh and I got lots of holiday shopping done once the weather cleared up and took advantage of Saturday’s snow day. This was the most snow I’ve experienced in years, and we definitely made the most of it. Hopefully, the next winter storm happens closer to Christmas and then we can really sing let it snooooww. . . Boys II Men version. Duh.

Peace & Love.

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