It’s The First Monday Of The Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to 202WON!

We have officially made it through 2020 which was a complete dumpster fire of a year, so I’ve heard. Regardless of how you viewed last year, you made it through and there are hundreds of thousands of families that do not have the privilege to say the same. Be thankful.

While you are here, leave a comment below and let me know how your 2020 went. Did you create that business? Write that book? Meet your exercise goals? What about just relaxing and getting your mental health together?

Did you have a baby? I did!

Yes, you read that correctly. If you do not follow me on social media then you missed the news. Geeshian and I had a baby girl in July 2020. I will be uploading a separate post of our birth story, because girl, it is a story that needs to be told. I also have plans to get my YouTube channel up and running this year, so much is happening in 2021 that I would love to document in video format.

I also made it through 9 or 10 months of teaching from home and I LOVE IT! I know I’ve been seeing on #teachergram how “horrible” virtual learning is and how it won’t work, but I must say I’ve enjoyed this experience teaching and learning from home. I am currently finishing up my teacher certification program and will be officially done and certified in March!

I am very excited to get back to blogging and creating content this year. I am challenging myself to create GOOD content and to be consistent. My goal with the blog this year is to grow the blog, to really dig deep and create content that is worthwhile. From recipes to baby banter.

I look forward to have you along on this journey with me. Let’s get it done in 2021.

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