Welcome to Detroit, Part II – The Wedding


This crazy little thing called love.

I’d like to think that the universe has a great sense of humor. We go through life hoping and wishing to find the loves of our lives not knowing that they could be right under our noses.

At the tender age of 24, and a self-diagnosed hopeless romantic, I love the idea that there is someone out there, somewhere, that connects to us like a puzzle. I recently saw a meme on Instagram that broke down the differences between a “soulmate” and a “life-partner.”

In a nutshell, the post explained that a soulmate is someone, a child, partner, friend, or relative, that connects with us on a certain level and will challenge us to become better individuals. But this person will only show up in our lives when we are “ready” for them.


A life partner is described simply as a person that is stable and secure; an individual you can lean on and depend on throughout your life. I believe this is the person we are all searching for, especially when it comes to marriage.

Let’s go back 23 years for a second. My mother and her now husband met each other approximately 20+ years ago. I’m not exactly sure on the logistics of their relationship at that time, considering I was only about one years old, but I do know that they created my beautiful younger sister Kasey. She is pictured second from the left below.


They did not have a serious relationship, but he continued to be a figure in our lives throughout the years. I specifically remember sleeping over at his house, spending time with his parents, and siblings that I consider to be family as well.

My mother got married and packed us all up to move around the country with my (step) father throughout my life. I’ve lived in North and South Carolina, California, and Michigan. Thanks pops for your service and sacrifices. Semper Fi. <3 During this time, Dion also got married and started his life.

Fast forward to 2010, I was graduating from high school when my parents told us, my siblings and I, that they were divorcing. It was definitely a difficult time for me, but I was going off to college to start my own life, so I was trying to be understanding and supportive for my younger siblings.


Four years later, my mother and Dion reconnected, and on September 2, 2016, they tied the knot in holy matrimony. They celebrated with family and friends that Saturday in the backyard of my Uncle Williams house. The celebration was reminiscent of any (black) family get together.

Loud music. Dancing. Great Food. Kids running around everywhere.


I could personally feel the love in the air. Possibly because I hadn’t been home in almost two years and it felt amazing to be around my family. But I could see the love between my mom and Dion, and I was happy to see her happy again.

Like I said, the universe has a great sense of humor. Who would have thought that my mom would marry my sister’s father 23 years later? I’m sure they didn’t. So here’s to them and a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Thornton.




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  1. Great article Jas. I have been a witness to all of this black love that you speak of between Richelle (Chelle) and Dion (Diesel) as I have seen them out together on many occasions as they’ve meshed their hearts as one. You could definitely see that that theirs is a love that is true. I remember recently we were at another cousins b-day party and we were doing karaoke, Chelle brought Dion and sang a song to him. Shes no singer by far (no shade) but there was no shame in her game when it came to expressing her love for her man. I’m happy that I was able to be a part of their special day. Congratulations cousin to you and your life partner.

    1. Lol, the Karaoke love runs deep on this side! But I’m happy she’s happy again. Thanks for reading and supporting cousin. Love you <3

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