The #LunchBreak: Geeshian’s Homemade Beefy Ramen Bowl


To all the people out there who remember March 14th as “PI Day,” in math class every year, must’ve had some pretty dope algebra teachers. Today, you will be able to find plenty of places giving away pie shaped items, like pizza for free or 50% off. Enjoy it enough for me and Geeshian because we (him) are on a mission to get summatime fine.

Geeshian, he’s the resident chef, and lately he’s been switching up the menu. Sunday we had his best Mac + Cheese to date, a couple of weeks ago he made some bomb turkey burgers, and everything has been soooooo good. He’s great at what he does. And very appreciated.

You’ll never guess what he made for dinner last night and for my lunch today? RAMEN.

I know what you’re thinking. . .

. . that’s a real thing by the way, $89. ? No shade to the designer of that jumpsuit, but nah fam. Unless you want to be a Cup of Noodle for Halloween. It still wouldn’t be worth $89 plus tax and shipping.

That’s not the ramen I’m referring to though. I am actually referring to the traditional ramen dish from Japan with the fresh noodles, broth, veggies, and choice of meat. There are so many different ways to make this dish. The packaged variety, that we are familiar with, was inspired by the traditional dish and has recently become very popular here in the States.

Geeshian had a ramen bowl recently and I believe he low key became obsessed, so much so, he decided to make his own homemade version. For the sake of a name, let’s call it Geeshian’s Beefy Ramen Bowl.

The only ramen I’ve ever had was the Maruchan or Top Ramen brand for about $.30 cents at the local grocer. However, the new wave, in America at least, is the easy to make ramen with fresh ingredients and your choice of spices and herbs. No sodium packet necessary. Let me not say it’s an easy dish to prepare because I definitely had no parts of preparing this meal, but I gotta say, Geeshian didn’t just find some random recipe online and recreate it. No ma’am. No sir.

While we were out food shopping this past Saturday, at Nam Dae Mun, a local Farmers Market, a nice woman approached Geeshian in the Asian aisle as he was looking confused trying to decide what the best soy sauce was. Not only did she help him find the best soy sauce, she even suggested a better, and fresh, variety of wonton noodle to use instead of the dried pasta we were going to get.

I wish you could have seen the two of them talking about flavor, texture of noodles, and why we should buy the Oyster sauce. I wasn’t too concerned with the details, I just wanted to get out of the store because I was freezing.

When I got home from work yesterday evening, I was completely surprised that we were having ramen for dinner. I thought we were going to wait until the weekend to tackle the ramen broth together because that’s what we discussed the night before.

Honestly, I think the dish came out best without me getting in the way. ?

Once he gets the recipe down pact, we’re going to do a breakdown and recipe for the blog. It’s time to leave the sodium packets alone and indulge in this flavorful, filling, and tasty dish. It’s very easy to modify for whatever diet you subscribe to. I had beef in my bowl and Geeshian had veggie.

Check back to the blog this weekend for a quick d.i.y. car repair update, check engine came back on. ?

Edit: Guess I spoke too soon…boss lady got us pizza for PI Day. ?✊?

Peace + Love


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