New Year, New Blog: My Word + Goals for 2018..

Happy New Year! I know I’m late to the party but better late than never right? 2017 was a phenomenal year and I’m so grateful to have made it through and able to be here with you today planning for the year ahead. 2017 was one for the books! Geesh and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, moved to Atlanta, I got my first SALARY job, and I became an OG (25th birthday.)

I am super excited for this year and I hope that you all are ready to dive in head first because 2018 is about being consistent. I’ve never set a “word” to focus on for the new year, but all of the people I follow and admire, not only set their intentions, they also set a word or words to focus on throughout the year. However, I chose the word consistent for a few different reasons.

  1. I want to reinvent this space to become something more personal and not solely focused on food and drink. This space will reflect who I am in my daily life rather than the inconsistent hobbies I chose to portray here. It was definitely a great start and helped put things into perspective, but moving forward, I will post on a weekly basis with a focus on who Jasmine is. The name will change to The new domain and will be live starting February 1.
  2. I have a tendency to start things and never finish them. This can be time commitments, attending events, or taking time out of the day for myself. So in 2018, starting right now, I’ve made a promise to show up for myself. Self-care for me this year will be focusing on how to market my freelance photography, increasing my credit score, and loving on my man. Simple. I have to make my goals realistic or the concept of consistency for me will die, very quickly.
  3. Lastly, I will be physically active this year! Honestly, I hate going to the gym but I want to be physically fit and scrolling through my IG feed for a ridiculous amount of time a day will not have me looking like Teyana Taylor, nor will it help me achieve the other things I want in life like good credit and a thriving creative outlet. So staying consistent with my physical fitness is on this list.

The first 7 days of the year have been smooth, besides the hangover I battled yesterday, but that’s another blog. I told Geeshian that I’m giving up alcohol this year and he laughed. We’ve all said that after a debilitating hangover, but I think I’m serious this time. Liquor has done nothing positive in my life and because I am focused on my physical and mental health I should probably lay off the beer and wine or at least figure out what my moderation is. I won’t list all my goals here for you all because they are personal and my grandma used to say “keep shit to yourself sometime.” HA!

Do you have your intentions laid out for the year or will you take my approach and take it one month at a time? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to experience this new year with you all. A clean canvas to paint whatever our hearts desire. We were given another year and although we cannot see into the future, we have this moment now to seize and make the best of what we got. I thought 2017 was amazing, this year I’ll celebrate two years of marriage, a 725 credit score, and we’ll be in Saint Lucia drinking from fresh coconuts.

The blessings that God has for you are infinite and they’re just getting started. Keep your eyes open, you never know where your next blessing lies.


Peace and Love.

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