Sunday Funday – A Trip To The Lake

Oh, Sunday, how I love thee. 

Sunday has become one of my favorite days and it’s probably because it is a full day off from work. I know it’s the first day of the week, but that doesn’t change the love relationship I have going on with Sunday. On Sundays, I wake up, do some yoga, bother Ge, water my garden, play with my cats, drink some brews … just relax and mentally prepare myself for the week ahead.

This was a special kind of Sunday though. Ge and I finally made it to the lake and we went FISHING! 😀 Going fishing has easily become one of my favorite past times. And it definitely passes the time. It’s one of those things that really test your sportsmanship, patience, and resilience to the blazing sun and fickle fish.

We’d gotten up, about 6:30 am, and that’s early for me, especially on my day off. However, we got up and made a random decision to go down to the lake. A few months ago we’d heard the fish were biting and missed the opportunity to take advantage, but nevertheless, we were going today. Ge made us some bay leaf tea, we packed up the car, stopped by Walmart to get some crickets, and headed thirty minutes north. We would get there early to beat the crowd, grab a good spot on the spillway, and catch a lot of fish. At least that was the plan.

Now, I won’t toot my own horn and say that I am the fish whisperer, but I will say that within the first five minutes of being there at the lake I caught our first fish of the day. Last year, we went down to the lake plenty of times, but one particular day when we went, we caught at least 13 fish, and guess who caught the most. 😉 HA. Just saying. Today was a slow fishing day though. The fish weren’t biting at all. At this point, it seemed like we were feeding them more than catching them. We only had 20 crickets to use.  The fish were coming a few and far between. We got there at about 8 am and left around 11:30 because we’d run out of crickets, it was getting hot, and the fish weren’t falling for the bait. In the end, I think we did pretty good. We caught 8 fish. 6 Bream and 1 White Perch.

I got the honor of scaling and cleaning the fish, yay! *rolls eyes,* but that’s because Ge had to go and get us four new tires for the car. Luckily neither of us were hurt in the past week because we had NO IDEA that the back driver side tire had a HOLE. And I’m not talking about a hole from a nail or something, I’m talking about a full blown ruptured tire.

Saturday night, while I was leaving work, the car signaled that there was low tire pressure. I just assumed that was because of the constant back and forth to work 5 days out of the week that the tires needed some air. I stopped by a gas station on my way home and while filling the tires with air, I thought I could hear the air going “into” the tire when in fact it was coming “out.” I had no idea. I wish I could’ve taken a picture of it, but it was bad and I thank God nothing happened and we had the means to get the repairs quickly.

We ended our Sunday with new tires, fresh fish with homemade alfredo and a crazy long but deserving nap.

How did you spend your weekend? Leave a comment below!

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