#WeekendRecap: Memorial Day, Kendrick Lamar & Atlanta Carnival

I’d be lying if I said my Memorial Day weekend was anything less than AMAZING!! Atlanta had events for everyone including the Caribbean Carnival celebrations, TDE Championship Tour, and other holiday related things to do.

Our weekend consisted of friends visiting from out of town, partying until the crack of dawn, and seeing Kendrick Lamar and the rest of the TDE gang in concert, thanks to 96.7 THE BEAT. We also hosted an impromptu bbq on Monday that turned into a vicious game of Saint Lucian dominoes.

A little background story, about two weeks ago, I think it was a Wednesday or Thursday, I left from work and was headed home when I heard the radio announcer say, “We’re gonna be giving away tickets to see Kendrick Lamar on May 25th, call in now.” I just got into my car, put my phone in my purse, pulled out of the lot, and immediately thought, “this is your chance bitch.” I’ve never won anything from the radio before and I was not expecting them to answer the phone for me.

After calling and hanging up, thirteen times in a row, they answered! I had to answer a trivia questions correctly, but I’m a TDE fan and just KNEW I’d have the right answer.

Announcer: Besides Kendrick, name two other members of TDE.

Me: Oh, uh, SZA! Annnndddd, Isaiah Thomas!

Announcer: Ah! I call him that too sometimes, but you have time, you got one with SZA.

Me: Uhh… oh oh oh..

Announcer: “I’m just sitting in the studio just tryn…


Announcer: You’re going to see Kendrick Lamar on May 25th!

If it wasn’t for the announcers help I wouldn’t have won those tickets. Isaiah Thomas is a basketball player, btw. ? Isaiah RASHAD is in TDE. Either way! Hubs and I were in that thang!

We left the concert a little early to beat traffic, as well as, walk 10 minutes back to our car and hit the road to enjoy the carnival festivities. One of my favorite events for carnival is the Jouvert (jew-vey) fête (French word for party, and heavily used in the Caribbean, whom were influenced by French colonizers.) It usually starts around 11 PM and ends at dawn. From my understanding, Jouvert literally means dawn or day break.

Despite what the weather man said, the weather held up nicely throughout the night. There were a few clouds in the sky, but no rain fell except a few sprinkles. Once we left the concert, it was pretty difficult linking up with the group before getting to jouvert. One of the side effects of partying in large groups.

On Monday, we had an impromptu bbq. Chantal and I went to Kroger to get fruit and bleach, but we ended up leaving with 10lbs of Chicken, Corona, and a BBQ grill. Our Memorial Day turned out to be a great time. Team work makes the dream work.

I am absolutely excited for summer and cannot wait to get to the river, Piedmont Park, get my fishing license, and get outside more.

How was your holiday weekend? What do you usually like doing on extended weekends? What are your summer plans?

Thanks for reading!

JA. ❤️

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