The #LunchBreak – “Black Panther” Is Setting + Breaking Records

It’s Saturday night and we just left the theater. Black Panther is finally here and the wait is finally over. I bought our tickets on January 12th at 11:30am, when I heard on the radio that the theaters were already selling out around Metro Atlanta. I immediately signed into my Cinemark account (yes, I have an account), and saw that the radio wasn’t lying. The Thursday night show was sold out, with only handicapped seats available, Friday matinee was gone, and Friday night had about 5-8 seats left for the standard version. We needed the 3D experience. I snagged two middle row seats for the late Saturday night 3D show and saved my QR Code in my Apple wallet. I sent Geeshian a text to make sure the time was cool with him (as if we had a choice) and spent our last $35 on tickets to see the movie of the year. I mean, I wasn’t going to miss the opening weekend shenanigans.

Valentine’s weekend came quick and I left work on Friday super pumped for the weekend. I told Geeshian we were going to wear all black to the showing, because duh. I dug out my pleather jacket from Rue 21, and on Saturday night we got to the theater at 8:45 for the 9:10 showing. Our seats were reserved, however, I wanted to get snacks, and play HQ Trivia before it started. Our showing was completely sold out and everyone was in African garb, Kente cloth, Black Panther tees, or leather jackets. The Black Excellence was ouuutttt hunny.

Black Panther, is directed by Ryan Coogler a black man from Oakland, CA, and he currently holds the record for the second highest grossing opening weekend, behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, Marvel’s Black Panther, holds the domestic record for largest opening in February. Domestically, the film grossed a staggering $242 million over the 4-day weekend, Thursday night included. Globally, as of Tuesday, February 20, the film grossed $426.6 million over the weekend, according to The largest film opening for a black director, EVER. Other records include, biggest pre-summer launch of all-time and highest grossing singular superhero movie. Coogler is 31 y’all making history!

The wait for this movie was well worth it and if you missed out on participating in the opening weekend shenanigans don’t read any articles coming this week, and go see the movie already. The #spoilers are already real!

Marvel Studios

Whoever said that “black movies” don’t make money lied. Although, Black Panther is not a “black movie,” being that it is a Marvel film. It is, however, directed by a BLACK man and is LEAD by BLACK women and men. EPIC. I’m not sure if this only happens in America, where people are counting us out, as if we aren’t a BILLION dollar industry, but this film is a clear indication that BLACK people can do whatever the hell we set our minds too.

If we can put this much energy behind BLACK OWNED businesses, HBCU’s, and non-profits, we’d be one of the richest “countries” on the planet. I mean just look at what we’re doing at “mega” churches. ??‍♀️ And I’m not just referring to blacks in the United States. Globally, blacks are the largest group of people. Africans (largest continent), Afro Europeans, Afro Asians, Afro Latinos, Afro Americans. . . Did I miss anyone?

If you don’t believe me, Google it. But even then, Google may lie to you.

I’m in love with this shift that I am seeing in Hollywood, but most importantly, the shift currently underway within our community in general. The support and love is thriving within our communities, regardless of what may be portrayed in the media.

Let us keep standing up for and supporting one another. There are more “Black Panther” movements happening soon. Black Excellence Month is lit this year.

Stay tuned.

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