The #LunchBreak – Oh, Baby! A Look into Privacy + Public Opinion

Kylie Jenner had her baby girl last week and published a video of her pregnancy journey to YouTube for her fans. Although, TMZ broke the story of her pregnancy back in September 2017, she never once confirmed or denied the rumors. We all just sat around and pondered her entire pregnancy. Is she or isn’t she? Not one member of her family slipped up and spilled the beans, and I’m sure paparazzi wished they’d gotten more images of her. I mean, it’s very impressive that America’s most popular family kept this type of secret for so long. This made me wonder, in this era, how much of your private life should you share?

When Geeshian and I started dating we made a pact to keep our relationship to ourselves. Then we got married and no one outside of our family or close friends knew of our marriage for an entire year. This was not because we were ashamed of one another or because we wanted to hide our relationship, but because we felt like our relationship, and especially our marriage, was just that, ours. A relationship that should be cherished and nurtured between two individuals.

However, I was NOT on board with this idea in the beginning. Not at all. I felt hidden, I felt ashamed, and I felt unloved. All of the negative connotations (society) will put behind not having your significant other plastered all over your social media feed, I felt. I was used to doing something hella fun and posting about it to Instagram or Snapchat showing off how happy I was in my relationship. I was also used to deleting all of the videos, pictures, and extra loving comments when it was all said and done.

Why put yourself through all that trouble?

Before meeting Geeshian, I said that my next relationship would be different from the previous ones. That I would approach it with an open mind and heart, but I definitely didn’t expect him to suggest the “no social media clause.” It’s been an excellent experience if I must say. No subtweets, instafights, or asking my girlfriends for advice. The opinions of others regarding your personal life can be detrimental and this has not been an issue for us. We have our disagreements, but keeping those problems between us has helped mold who we’d like to become as a unit.

I certainly respect Kylie’s decision to not “hide” her pregnancy, but to step away from public opinion, supportive or not, and choosing to step into motherhood with ease. Having social media, and feelings of needing or wanting to share your life with others is most certainly a first world problem. The fear of missing out (FOMO) theory applies even when it’s our turn to share. People will talk whether you’re doing bad or good. Why not keep them guessing?

If we continue to place the opinions of others above the opinions we have of ourselves, we will forget that they’re human too. With emotions, fears, and lives to live. No one owes us anything and we definitely don’t owe them our sanity. Let’s embrace the importance of privacy, a persons right to choose what they share, and whom they share it with. Let’s also discontinue this idea that opinion is truth. It’s irresponsible. Opinions aren’t based on fact and they never have been. You know what they’re saying about it right? They’re like assholes. Everybody got one.

Peace + Love

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