The Samantha’s Moving & Co.

One of my best friends moved away.

Nimatu and I were introduced to one another back in 2013 through our mutual friend, Landis. At this time, we were all attending Grambling State, and living around the corner from one another. Nimatu and Landis had known each other prior to me starting my undergrad program at Gram. It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly when we all became so close, but whenever it happened we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Since we all lived so close and spent many nights sleeping over at one another’s  homes we became roommates. The roommate situation worked out just fine for us until I met G and eventually moved out. 😀 Our roommate experience did not hinder our friendship whatsoever, instead, it made us closer. We had roomie nights inside and outside of our house. We’d drink wine, eat good food, and watch our favorite shows like Scandal and Hit The Floor.

Our favorite event was hosting game nights. We’d invite friends, light up the BBQ grill, have the liquor flowing, Nimatu is the cocktail queen, and have an overall great time. Early on in our friendship, we dubbed ourselves “The Samanthas,” If we tell you, we’d have to kill you, so we lived in “The Samantha House,” and that’s what our apartment became known as.

Two weeks ago, Nimatu got news from her job that they were going to be transferring her to Texas. Don’t get me wrong, Texas is not that far from where we live, but it’s just the thought of our little circle being broken up. Last week, we helped her pack up her life, at 7 IN THE MORNING, and sent her on her way to start the new chapter.

Manifestation is real y’all.

If there is something in your life that you want to achieve, obtain, issues you want to get through? Pray about it.

I don’t know specifically what Nimatu was praying for, but I DEFINITELY remember her saying that she wanted to be in Texas within the year. She didn’t specify how she’d get there, but guess what, she’s in Texas. Your words are powerful, use them wisely.

I am so proud of my framily and how far we’ve come in our lives. I’ve seen so much growth in all of us, and no we aren’t perfect, but the process is moving and working, and I see us #Winning real soon. Nimatu is the first Samantha to get outta this area and the remaining Samanthas aren’t too far behind. 🙂

Good luck baby girl in Texas and we’ll be seeing you in a few weeks for my TWENTYFINE celebration. HA! <3

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