What We Been Doin’ – #IRL

A month later and we’re back in action.

Sorry for the delay guys and gals, the time has literally flown by. Its been a little over a month since our last post and it doesn’t even feel that long. According to a meme I’ve been seeing on Facebook, we have 4 Fridays until Thanksgiving and 10 until Christmas, I mean seriously, where did the time go?

Anyhow, G and I have been enjoying our lives. Majority of our days, since the end of summer, have been working and catching up on household responsibilities like bills, but we’ve also been learning a few new things like coding (because who doesn’t wanna learn how to make an app) and I’ve started reading more. We also added a new addition to our little family.


No, it’s not a baby, but a new cat. If you can recall from a few posts back, our cat Shiloh ran off without a trace. Luckily for us, almost everyone in our area have been giving away kittens. So, it wasn’t difficult to find Pixel a new friend.

I wanted a black cat this time around, but we found a very affectionate, playful, and agile kitten, who happens to be a calico like Shiloh. We named her Marley.

Marley is the complete opposite of Shiloh who was very independent and did whatever she wanted. Marley on the other hand is very “wanting to be all under you, where ever you are, all the time.” There is NO WAY to get a good nights rest with Marley. She’s constantly wanting to crawl all over us, play at 3 in-the-morning, and sleep all day.

. . . . . .

We’ve also been exploring new parks and lakes in our area. About a month ago we visited the Claiborne State Park. We went there with the intentions on having a picnic, but because we left so late, and the park was about 45 minutes from the highway, we just thought we’d follow the trail to the lake.


And I mean the scenery was breathtaking. It was so peaceful and serene that I literally felt deaf just standing on the edge of the lake, watching a crane stand on a water log. We took the opportunity of being disconnected to catch up and really spend time with one another. Discussing the future, our plans for 2017 and so forth. The trip was well worth it in my opinion.

About two weeks ago we had a date night. Living in such a small town our date nights are limited. Specifically because we’ve done almost all you can do in our town. This particular night we went to our local community theater and watched a play. The play titled, You Can’t Take It With You, was about an eccentric family who’s daughter falls in love with the son of a rich business man. The young couple is trying to figure out how the two families will get along, coming from what seems to be two different worlds, only to find out that they aren’t so different after all.

I’m not exactly sure where you can find the play online, but I’m sure you can find it. It was very interesting to me. I didn’t quite get all the jokes that were shared, but I enjoyed myself.


. . . . . .

Music has always been a large portion of our relationship and can I share who we’ve been listening to lately?

G has been obsessed with this African artist named Maleek Berry. I mean “Kontrol” has been on repeat in the morning, when he’s at the gym, and when he’s cleaning the kitchen. I can’t lie the song is dope, but how many times can a person hear the same song in one day? I’ve been engulfed in Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table. The song, “Cranes in the Sky” is my favorite, as well as, “Mad.” I am also loving Dj Luke Nasty’s “On The Way.”

. . . . . .

We’ve been cooking, but we haven’t been cooking. I mean there are recipes I could put up here for you all to try, but honestly, they haven’t been perfected. I’m being honest, most nights we aren’t getting home until 11 pm, and who wants to prepare an entire meal that late?

Not us, that’s for sure.

So we’ve really been eating pretty light. Lots of rice and stir fry. But I promise we’ll get back on the cooking tip. Now that its fall, maybe we’ll do some baking or finally get some drinks up on the blog. What do y’all think? Any suggestions, leave them down below.

Who have you been listening to lately? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

Jas & G.

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