We’re Baaaack!

What’s been up everyone, Jasmine here, and I must admit that I’ve missed working on the munchies. When we started this blog back in March it seemed that this thing would be a breeze. We basically thought that we’d be able to manage this and manage our real life at the same time, and you can clearly see who won that battle. It’s not that we were neglecting our internet baby on purpose, the thing is, we had real world things to conquer first, and now we have more than enough time to dedicate to this thang, and give you what you deserve, content made with love.

I think what we were doing, subconsciously, was trying to make our blog look and feel like the other blogs we saw during our research, and because of that it felt more like work than something we were genuinely interested in pursuing. So, when I started the Instagram account, and realized that I was updating that more than creating content here on the site,  I knew that we should revamp the website and make it more us than them. You feel what I’m trying to say? Not to say we aren’t passionate about food, because believe you-me, I like to eat, well snack, and G loves to cook, but I don’t really like writing about food. I love photographing the food and writing about our week/experiences, but my heart isn’t in the food like G’s is. So he’ll be writing about the food, that’s more his thing. — He doesn’t know it yet though. 😉


So what’s been new with G and I, well, I finally finished my master’s program and officially have my Masters of Art in Public Relations. Graduation is officially in December (my university only has Fall and Spring graduations), but I have no classes and can finally say I’m moving on past that chapter in my life. G and his friends created this awesome game app called Alien Vasion and it is available for download in the Google Play and Apple app stores. You all can follow the progress and get exclusive updates by following Blue Scale Studios on Facebook and Instagram: @bluescalestudios. Their website is currently under construction so be sure to check that out as well once it is officially up and running.

We have traveled ALOT this summer! I saw so much of the highway in July that I don’t want to drive anywhere anytime soon. I won’t complain though, it most definitely beats sitting inside and wasting away the summer. Traveling with your significant other can do one of two things for your relationship: ruin or strengthen. I thank the most high for the latter in terms of G and I. Traveling with him definitely puts life into perspective. I get flustered when things get out of my control but traveling with G keeps me calm and collected, sometimes.


However,  we’ve traveled to Atlanta, GA; Hot Springs, AR; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; and Tuscaloosa, AL. We’ll be traveling 18 hours to Detroit, MI for my mothers wedding next month. And all of this was done/will be done road trip style. *cues Drake: you’re always touching road*

Pixel, our fur baby,  briefly had a buddy in the house, and I say brief, because that’s exactly how long our relationship with Shiloh was. Our three-month-old kitten Shiloh, affectionately known as Shy Glizzy, ran away after only having her for a month. Now, I’ve never had a cat before and thought that this running off was normal cat behavior. I always let her outside, she’d roam, do her cat thing, and come back home. One night, she got “beat up” by a stray cat in our neighborhood and a week later, literally, she was gone. Ask G, and he’ll tell you that I have lowkey been obsessing about finding her, to no avail. He thinks she’s dead and I think someone just snatched her up. She’s a beautiful kitten, and to be honest, I would’ve taken her up as my own if I saw her on the street.


Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @themunchiesdigest. Thanks for kicking it with us and hope to see you back here soon.

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